Designers, Marketers
and Franchisers
With PrintzPro you can have access to our Wholesale Store or a Branded Adstore.
With our Wholesale Store you can pull up frequently used templates and place orders in minutes.
With a Branded Adstore you can give franchisees, distributors and associates access to branded graphics and other marketing materials.
Easy Upload Function
Quickly and easily upload your graphics
Fast & Intuitive Shopping Cart
Easily submit and check out on all of your orders
My Library
Store and access all of your branded elements and photos.
PrintzPro Wholesale Store

PrintzPro is great for Pro designers or marketers with access to print-ready graphic files. If you know your pixels, dpi and bleeds, simply upload your files, proof, and checkout. Your orders go directly to our presses, so you get fast 1 day turnaround. Since we don’t need to touch your files, we pass those savings on to you.

PrintzPro members can also load customizable templates to their account. For example, you can access a business card template, add contact information, proof, and checkout.

PrintzPro Branded Adstore

A PrintzPro Branded Adstore is great for marketers that need to allow distributors, employees or franchisees’ access to branded graphics and other marketing materials. We set up a branded website with your custom URL. Once a user logs on, they have access to your corporate branded marketing materials. Some of those materials like business cards, brochures and postcards can be personalized online with contact information, logos, photos and more. Other materials like PowerPoint presentations, stock photos, logos and radio spots can be simply downloaded.

Sites can be enhanced with options like custom CSS, co-op funding, management approvals, single sign-on, and more.

Benefits of being a PrintzPro Member:
  • Savings of up to 50% on all printing and mailing products.
  • Instant graphics uploads and online proofing.
  • Fast 1 Day turnaround on most orders.
  • Personalized graphic templates for everyday orders.
  • Pricing
    to keep the site active
    Monthly fees go to $0 once your spending reaches $10,000
    PrintzPro makes it easy for my agents to order products through a customized site with all of our marketing materials! -S. Alberts
    Benefits to a PrintzPro Branded Adstore:
  • Custom URL
  • Website customization to match your brand
  • Online graphic templates that can be instantly personalized
  • Marketing asset library with instant downloads
  • Access to wholesale pricing
  • Fast 1 Day turnaround on most orders
  • Pricing
    to keep the site active
    Monthly fees go to $49 when your spending reaches $10,000
    Monthly fees go to $0 when your spending reaches $50,000
    Who Is This Great For?
    Marketers with frequently ordered products
    Use our PrintzPro Wholesale Site to quickly upload your graphics, proof online and place an order. Most orders print and ship in 1 business day.
    Customize a Branded Adstore with frequently ordered printed materials, promotional items or other brand assets. Provide a library of logos, photos, radio spots and more.
    Manufacturers with non-controlled distribution
    Provide a tool where your distributors can access sales brochures and direct mail pieces. The distributor can customize each piece with their logos, contact information, and offers. You can provide co-op funding or other billing options.
    Corporations with a larger sales force
    The Branded Adstore is a great solution for Mortgage Companies, Real Estate Agencies, Multi-Level Organizations and more. Allow the sales force to initiate mailings, order business cards, download graphics, etc. without the costly intervention of your marketing staff.